Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mormon-y goodness for your earballs!

Attention all Mormon and Mo-Curious friends!

One of my favorite Mormon-y things is in danger of going the way of polygamy (that is: being discontinued), and I need your help keeping it around (unlike polygamy, which I'm fine without, please and thank you).

It's a podcast. Do you listen to podcasts? You should! They're better than radio because you can pause and rewind them. Also, you can listen to them whenever you want. Also: subscriptions. All I'm saying is podcasts are the best. And the best podcast is "Engaging Gospel Doctrine" from Mormon Stories Sunday School.


I have to admit, even (and maybe especially) when I was teaching sunday school at my church, I felt like it was lacking. If I was bored as the teacher, how were my class members not nodding off and sliding out of their chairs on the floor into puddles of disengaged goo? Then, when I got released from my calling (volunteer position) of teaching, I found that I really missed preparing lessons for church (surprise!), and I was eager to find a way to be more engaged in the topics.

Bam! Mormon Stories Sunday School.

Jared Anderson teaches. He's a mega-brilliant PhD Candidate in Religious Studies at UNC Chapel Hill (though he lives in UT now) and his brain is gigantic. He does about 45 minutes of "lesson"from the manual, and then about 45 minutes of discussion with other wicked smart volunteers who call in from around the globe. He also includes links to resources and his own lesson notes. It's riveting, I tell you. I listen to it in my car on my way to everywhere.

You know how, when you're a Mormon, you're supposed to read the scriptures every day? You know how that's really hard? And you know how there are only so many scriptures, and you've read them all like a billion times by now, and sometimes you just can't stomach the idea of cracking them open one more time and pretending to be into it? Well, this is where Engaging Gospel Doctrine comes in especially handy. My grad school friends know that I'm obsessed with the cultural study of religion, but I must admit that my spiritual interest had drastically waned until recently. Since I've been listening to the podcast, I've been intellectually stimulated, spiritually nourished, and re-energized about studying religious things in a spiritual way.

If any of this sounds good to you, please check out Mormon Stories Sunday School. Start with this one, maybe. Or start with the most recent one. I don't care. Then maybe donate, if you can. Because without donations, this podcast will go away. And if this podcast goes I away, I will ...  I just ... I really like this podcast.

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