Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guest DJ Project

My radio station, KCRW, does Guest DJ projects with awesome people like David Cross and John Hodgman. These awesome people also happen to be famous, which is something I am not. KCRW will  probably never ask me to do a guest DJ project, because they just don't get how super cool my set would be. But I've been thinking a lot lately about what exactly this super cool guest set would sound like. Of the eleventy-billion songs I love, which five would I include? How would I narrow it down?

In the unlikely event KCRW ever asks normals like me for guest DJ sets, I'm going to be prepared. Here's what it would be today:

1. Tiny Dancer — Elton John

A no-brainer. The first time I heard this song was when I went to see Almost Famous in Provo with my Dad and brother, Cliff. You know the scene where everyone in the tour bus — Kate Hudson and Billy Crudup and Patrick Fugit — is singing along? My dad was singing along, too, with tears in his eyes. It's hard to listen to this song without getting warm fuzzies.

2. Matilda — Alt J

I'm jonesing for this band pretty hard right now. Every song on the album is a masterpiece, but this one stabs me in the heart.

3. Angels/Losing/Sleep — Our Lady Peace

This one has kind of a cheesy back story. I remember hearing it for the first time in Rob's Avalon on the way to the Avalon on our first date. He was singing along. It took me about that long to fall in love with him.

4. You Were Never There — Diego Garcia

Dynamically, this song is almost perfect. When it comes on the iPod, I always turn to Rob and say, "What are we waiting for? Let's make this music career of ours happen." Plus, I love the image of southern rain.

5. Quiet Dog — Mos Def

Doesn't matter what time it is or whether I'm wearing a bra. This song makes me dance-y.

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Team Huffaker said...

My roommate would sing "hold me close now Tony Danza."