Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A post about my new 7-Eleven

I have a new 7-Eleven.

You may have guessed that this is because we moved.

We moved because we were stepping on Fritz or each other wherever we went in our teeny-tiny, adorable little travel-size apartment.

We moved to an apartment that's a little bit bigger, but it feels like a damn castle compared to what we used to have. It's a little less adorable, but I could do a cartweel in it without breaking a limb, if that gives you any idea. It has an outside porch area that Fritz can run around on without looking like Clifford the Big Shaggy Terrier. Muuuch better for fetch purposes.

We did not move because we were tired of living across the street from the dog park and reservoir. We were not tired of that. Or because we were sick of being within walking distance from all the best shops and restaurants in Silverlake. We moved because no matter how much milk and Miracle Gro we fed our apartment over there, it just refused to sprout a second bedroom*. Failure to thrive.

So now we live in a bigger place on the west edge of Silverlake. Literally. The edge. I mapped it and our street is the border. We are hanging on to hipness by a thread. (Is Silverlake still hip? Last I checked it was in Forbes, which means it's hip for rich white dudes, which also means it's not hip.) You won't see too many yuppies pushing $1000 baby strollers around here. More likely, you'll see homeless people pushing Home Depot shopping carts up to Vons. We thought the neighborhood might be sketchy at first, but so far the scariest thing we've seen is a vicious slap fight between two grown men in denim cut-offs and flippy-floppies, so ... yeah. That happened.

I have a new 7-Eleven. It doesn't have my guys. They don't know my name yet. I don't understand their organization practices. It smells funny. The morning crew does not seem to understand my before noon Diet Coke consumption yet. But the parking lot is bigger and they have those airheads that are two airhead flavors in one big bar, which is easily the best thing that ever happened to the Universe.

What I'm saying is, there's hope.

*Our need for a second bedroom has nothing to with procreation. Babies are gross.


Heather Phillips said...

Yes, it's the little things that need time before you're comfortable in a new place. I got unsettled the other day because I didn't know where to find raisins at Kroger and didn't want to go all the way back to the bulk bins at Sprouts on the other side of town. Why can't every grocery store be laid out the same way? (and be staffed by the same people so I see the same faces when I go in?)

I'm so happy for you that you've got a newer, bigger place! Please ignore my rambling up there...

Jen said...

"Babies are gross." Amen. The most frequent question I ask my girls is, "Baby, why you gotta be so gross?" True story.

Also, 7-11 loyalties die hard. I still miss Mukesh from the one on University and 500 N.