Friday, March 22, 2013

NOLA: Day 1 and iPhone dump

Greetings from New Orleans!

We just completed Day 1 of our first non-family vacation since our honeymoon in 2008. And you guys — as it turns out, travelling without years of baggage and dysfunctional family dynamics can actually be super fun. I know. We're as surprised as your are.

Here's a little breakdown of what's happened so far:

Day 0: Fly to New Orleans from LAX on a delayed flight. Arrive at Zero Dark Thirty (I am not using that right...). Get picked up by super awesome friend Nick at the butt-crack of night. Nice guy.

Day 1: Realize how much flexibility I've lost at Yoga in the Cabildo* (so fun to say), the museum across from Jackson square in the French Quarter. 

*Also the very same room where the previously mentioned Nick and his wife (and my yoga partner) Whitney had a ring ceremony a few years back. We couldn't attend on account of our poverty, but a sunrise yoga class is almost as good (read: not even close, but lovely all the same).

Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, and Cabildo.

$5 dollar breakfasts at cafe near our apartment followed by a Breakfast Dessert of various cupcakes. Pictures do not turn out.

Traipse around the French Quarter with Nick and Dave, Whitney's brother (a student and rugby player at Rutgers, ya'll! Ladies, I believe he's single). Step in horse s%!@. Eat beignets from aptly named Cafe Beignet. Get covered in powdered sugar while stuffing face.

Check out sweet 100-year-old hat shop on the way to lunch. 
Experience shopping anxiety and buy nothing.

Sweet mid-century hat store sign...

for a sweet nineteenth century hat store.

Lunch at Cochon. Discovered by Nick years ago and recommended to me by my thesis advisor. 
Experience food ecstasy.

Cochon: Best. Eatery. Ever.

Drive to Magazine Street for window shopping purposes. Take a bunch of pictures but wait 
to post them after they've been instagrammed so they'll all be the same nice square shape.
Feel ashamed for admitting that on the blog.

Dinner at Bacchanal. More food ecstasy. (Seriously. And all I had was the trout salad.) Listen to a live violin jazz trio play renditions of "Inspector Gadget" and "Roxanne." 

Post-dinner walk to Vaughan's, a local dive bar with a $10 cover. Listen to a band described by Rob as, "New Orleans Blues Funk." Hear them play the most exciting version of "Superstition" ever. Order a Shirley Temple from the bartender. Endure her confused stare followed by barely concealed amusement, because you ordered a child's drink.

Drag weary body to the car and drive to Frenchmen Street. Become re-energized at the prospect of buying tchotchkes from local artisans at a lovely flea market. Nick takes better pictures.

Flea market art, Frenchmen Street.

Fall into bed. Eagerly anticipate next day's adventures.


jenn potter said...

So fun! I am so glad you guys are on a "non-family" trip right now, they really are the best! Love you!

Lisa said...

I'm so happy you are having a wonderful, well-deserved vacation.

(But you are making me hungry)

D. said...

You're vacation sounds like my perfect vacation.