Saturday, March 23, 2013

NOLA: Day 2 and iPhone dump

Front door of Vaughan's. So you know which door I went in.

Surprise! We did not see everything there was to see in the Big Easy last night, even though the day was jam packed with ultra travel-y goodness. We did sleep in quite a bit the morning of Day II, but then got right back on the horse.

Shower: Because you're gross.

Take a cab across town. Not the cab you ordered, which shows up more than 30 minutes late, but a cab that serendipitously drives down the street. Get really confused by the extra fees the cabby keeps mentioning. Keep handing him $1 bills until he finally smiles and says thank you.

Lunch at Boucherie Boudain balls, french fries, a cuban, and Krispy Kreme bread pudding. Ah-mazing. Die a little bit inside from happiness.

Notice all the beautiful houses as you walk toward the campus that educated your dad in the mysteries of medicine. Get jealous that you've never studied at such a beautiful campus. Covet the youth of the co-eds who ride by on their beach cruisers.

Bask in the sunny, humid, greenishness of the lovely Audubon Park. Pet a strangers dog and strike up a conversation he is surely bored with. Snap an instagram of a naked statue. Hold as still as possible until that damn hornet finally flies away and leaves you alone.

Walk down St. Charles to Jefferson where you pick up the streetcar to Canal Street. Sweat. Sit next to insufferable Brooklynites on the car — early twenty-somethings exposing their ignorance on music and ... just about everything else.

Walk back to the apartment through the French Quarter after stopping at CVS for some Diet Coke and Claritin D. Accidentally walk down Bourbon Street for a block or two until the smell of sweat and booze drives you over to Royal. Stop at a vintage boutique on Mandeville to buy another birthday present for your sister and some earrings for yourself that you don't need.

Head to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory ... I mean ... Cafe Reconcile for America's Hometown Sweets. Gorge on roughly 1 million (or 25) dessert samples: macarons, banana pudding, frozen chocolate covered key lime pie, s'mores, cotton candy.... Accidentally eat rum cake. Woops.

Strangely and unintentionally phallic 
King Cake flavored cotton candy.

Decide as group that you need salty food to bring you down from your sugar trip. Have tomato basil soup and collard greens plus diet cream soda, cause you know you'll need something sweet again after all that salt. :)


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