Monday, July 30, 2012

My husband is a fantastic liar.

My friends cancelled on me for lunch today. I was a little bummed, but not devastated. I've cancelled on them a million times. And I have so much satire to read, it's not even funny (get it?). Rob asked if I was OK with it. Sure, I replied. This way I don't have to put on real pants or go outside of the house. My motto is, "No pants? No problem!"

Then he said, Why don't we go to lunch?

Wha?! Lunch? Con migo? In Hollyweird? My husband never asks me to go on lunch dates. I mean, not since I was working at The Hollywood Reporter and we would keep it classy by meeting every day at the Del Taco on Highland and Santa Monica (which has, sadly, been replaced by a fancy gas station)—the exact midpoint between our two workplaces . Of course we can go to lunch! And at Kitchen 24, you say? I will even put on pants for this!

No, I did not think it was weird that he asked me to lunch with no occasion. Or that he suggested we go  at 12:30, a ridiculously early time for a Whalen to eat a midday meal. I just thought my husband wanted to buy a special lunch for his special lady.

When we walked into the restaurant, Rob gestured to a couple of hot blondes in a booth: Hey, don't you know those girls? And then my jaw fell off of my face. Sitting right there in the booth, in Hollywood, were two of my favorite friends from growing up who now live nowhere near me (Australia and Arizona to be exact). These gorgeous little liars in cahoots with my husband managed to keep their presence in LA a complete secret in order to surprise me. It was the best thing in my whole life.

If I had known this was going to happen, I would have styled my hair 
or made up my face or worn an "outfit" instead of "pajamas." 
But seriously, how pretty are my friends? They look like true All-
American girls sharing a shake with their weird, Eastern European
 exchange-student friend.

And Rob's not bad, either. ;)

We sat in a booth and chatted for three hours that might as well have been three minutes or three years. 
It truly is a wonderful thing to see old friends when I live so far away from my home and family. It reminds me of who I am.

My sneaky husband begged my other friends to cancel on me so that I could have a once in a lifetime surprise with my boon companions. And I had no idea.

What else is he hiding from me?


Anonymous said...

I love you beyond words. You are one of my life's greatests. Thank you for spending so much time with me today...and thank you ever so much for being so much smarter and funnier than I am... and so much cuter and kinder... and yet never making me feel like you are aware of these facts...

I adore you- always have- always will. xoxoxoxoxo

Lindsay (the one from Australia)

jenn said...

love it! You guys are so great for each other, you know, your friends and you. :) love you!

Gina Louise said...

awwww. ;) you all look fabulous. and gretta, if that's what you look like "no done up"... i hate you. :) love you. -g

Gina Louise said...

awww. you all look adorable. and gretta: if that is what you look like without doing your hair and in pjs...i hate you. ;) love you.

-the other g.

Gretta Whalen said...

@Gina To be fair, it wasn't really pj's, but it might as well have been. ;)


Leslie Duke said...

I think you're an awfully cute Eastern European exchange-student friend.

Gretta Whalen said...

@leslie *blushing*!