Friday, May 4, 2012

Poetry is Laime.

Honesty time! I hate poetry. I haven't read Jane Eyre, I hate poetry, and I'd almost rather be a victim in a Saw movie than grade essays. (I said almost). Also, I teach college English. Have no fear, America! Your young adults are in good hands—good hands that tremble with anxiety and rage.

But I don't hate all poetry. In fact, if the poetry is off-color, sarcastic, or about farts, I really like it. When it's all those things and written on a typewriter, I LOVE it.

Since I started my grad program in literature I've learned two things: 1) my language skills are neither marketable nor valuable, and 2) literature takes many forms. One of my favorite new/old genres is poetry. I've tried my hand at a typewriter poem or two, but I'm no good. I'm novice mode. Elizabeth Laime is beast mode.

I found out about Elizabeth when she played a crucial role in getting us our Fritz. She works with The Mutt Scouts. They save orphaned dog babies in the Silver Lake/Echo Park/Downtown Los Angeles area. On our walk the other morning, we caught her wrestling two little terrier/chihuahua puppies in her pjs. She'd been up with them all night because she is an angel from heaven.

Read her hilarious, almost daily (and sometimes salty) poetry on her Poetry is Life tumblr or follow her on the (@elabyl). 

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