Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fritz. You're an idiot.

My dog is ... neurotic? He got in a fight with his back foot the other day. Rob was quick and clever enough to catch it on iPhone.

Before I let you watch, I want to offer explanations. I didn't know my fat arm was in the shot. And I didn't know my "undershirt" was spilling out of my sleeve. Furthermore, we don't live in a one-room Eastern block immigrant shanty from the early 1900s. We just put the futon down so my mom could sleep on it while she was here. And then we were too lazy to put it back up. My house is actually adorable in spite of its microscopic size.



Amy said...

OK, that was funny. The best part when when your hubby said, "Fritz, you're an idiot." And the dog moaned.

Al said...

i love this. ive watched it several times and want to watch it more. it makes me want to have a dog i can call 'idiot'

britta said...

This video is funny. But the more entertaining part to me is your disclaimer. That you feel the need to explain away your arm, the futon, etc., when all you can see is part of one wall in one room in your apartment - not even enough to tell what type of furniture it is, the size of the room, or even the size of your arm.