Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Give A's for Effort!

Not really. I don't think I'm allowed to give A's for effort. I don't even know that I would if I could. I haven't really developed my pedagogical theory. What I'm trying to say is I have no idea what I'm doing teaching-wise. Just shooting from the hip. Yee-haw, if you will. You're welcome, college freshman of America!

Our curriculum demands that we give reading comprehension quizzes. They're mostly no-brainers. At least, I think they are. But as a panicky student myself, I get how and why students panic in the face of assessment. Sometimes they forget what they read. Sometimes they get confused and mix things up. Sometimes they have no idea what the answer is and they try to fill in the blank with the written equivalent of someone absent-mindedly brushing their hand over their mouth while mumbling or trailing off at the end of a sentence.

I wish I could have given her a point for getting the first letters ... whiiiiiiich I listed in the question.

Honesty time! I mostly don't like teaching. Every class feels like an improv performance that I just suck at. Also, I have impressively low self-esteem, so I still don't get why they let me pretend to tell 19-year-olds how to do anything. But you know what I do like? Students. Especially students who fill in the blanks. 

Even when they do it hilariously wrong.

*Extra Credit for anyone who can get it right!

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Sarah said...

i googled it.... that was pretty funny though. reminds me of when i was a ta in college.