Friday, March 2, 2012

In My Next Life: Illustrator Edition

I'm starting a new series here on this nonsense blog. It's going to be a thing where I say what sorts of stuff I would have and do and be if I were some other person in some other place at some other time. I have thought to myself "I wish I did that" so often that I figured I should make a thing of it on something I actually do do ... meaning this blog, not doo doo. (Wackity schmakity and so on).

Today's edition is all about illustrators. It was inspired by a couple of baby books that have come into Yolk over the past couple of weeks. Some clever book-nerds out there (Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver) made a Jane Eyre counting book with some of the most enchanting images that I've ever seen in connection with a Brontë. Check this out...

They also do Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, and a Shakespeare ABC book called Y is for Yorick. You can see the covers here. And you can see some of Alison Oliver's other work here. My child-bearing friends should not be surprised if they receive these as shower gifts from me.

Now, as a grad student of the literary persuasion, I'm sort of ashamed to admit that I've never actually read Jane Eyre (she said as she cringed, took cover under a pillow, and waited for the blows to rain down on her head like so many fire darts). But I've heard people talk about it so many times that I feel like I could write a screenplay. The same goes for Moby Dick and the last half of Anna Karenina. What? Lots of English teachers haven't read really important classic novels.

All of this leads me to my conclusion that in my next life, I will continue not reading many classic novels. Instead, I will do fun, colorful, graphic illustrations of classic novels to help babies get the gist of them. Because in the end, isn't the gist of Jane Eyre good enough?


Rachael said...

Jane Eyre is my least favorite "classic" ever (okay...I'm not a huge fan of Tess of the D'Urbervilles either). I don't think you're missing much. But while I really don't like the book, I liked the recent movie, and I thought it was a fabulous adaptation of the book, which is why I liked it although I hated the book. I think there's a paper in there it just Bronte's self-concious annoying narrator that I dislike so much? What is it about translating the story to film that makes it work for me?

Anyway, go watch the movie. It's better. It out-Brontes Bronte.

Gretta Whalen said...

@Rachael OK. Good. I feel a bit vindicated. My sister said the movie was good, too. I'm a fan of a Brontë premise, but yeah, those self-conscious thank you!

Jen said...

I've never read "Hamlet." So there's that.

I keep wanting to make books out of Radiohead lyrics for Amelia. Maybe someday when I grow up... And have you seen this? Best thing ever.

Gretta Whalen said...

@Jen Someone in my dept, some Doctor of Books, has also not read Hamlet. So there's that!