Thursday, February 2, 2012

¿Como se dice "gluten-free" en Español?

Picture this:

Me, doing my teacherly duties and discussing current food trends with my students: gluten-free diets, veganism, freeganism, foraging, local food movements, and the like. It takes me a minute, but I realize that they are just staring at me, glassy-eyed.

" guys do know about the these food trends, right?" I ask.


"Where do you all shop? Whole Foods? No way. Nobody shops there. Too expensive. Trader Joe's? Ralph's? Vons?"


Then one girl says, with excessive matter-of-factness, "We shop at Mexican stores". And they all laugh.

Duh. I have never felt so white.

"Wow. You guys. I feel so white," I say and they laugh.

"I feel so Mexican" says the same clever girl.

It kills.

Fade out.