Thursday, January 12, 2012

This post has no unifying theme.

School started again on Monday and I have nothing to offer the Internet but my thoughts on how boring Democracy, an American Novel is. You don't care about that and frankly, I don't care about that either. I care much, much more about what's going to happen in the final episode of the first season of "Breaking Bad". Why, oh why am I so awesome that I had to buy us seasons 1-3 for Christmas?

Another thing I care about very much is this fairly new friend I have. Her name is Leslie Duke Kitterman and she married one of my most bestest friends. At first it seemed like all she was going to be was cool and fun and beautiful. Turns out, she's also a professional illustrator and makes the loveliest art. Treat your eyes to her work at her Paper Wings blog.

Also, I've written the first of what I hope to be many typewriter poems.

My goal for the next ten weeks is to crawl out of my hole more than once and enjoy myself from time to time. It's not as if the Titanic just sank, throwing the whole situation of male heirs to the family estate into complete upheaval. Or like we live in New Mexico. See? There is joy to be had.


Julia said...

Leslie is my cousin! Small world.

Gretta said...

@ Julia Wha? How funny! Love it.