Thursday, January 26, 2012

Particles of Articles

I don't remember much from high school. Not because I've ever done anything even remotely interesting or drug related. I haven't. The closest I've gotten is watching Breaking Bad. And if real guilt is anything like the vicarious guilt I feel after watching that show, I'm thinking illicit substances probably aren't for me. I don't remember anything from high school because I'm a space cadet with a head full of movie quotes. But I do remember long phone conversations with my friend Brandon. They were primarily nonsense-based, but sometimes I would say a thing—a very silly thing, to be sure—and Brandon would tell me he was writing it down. Was he? Only he and the chickens know for sure. But I've always been curious...what were those pearls of teenage wisdom? And how mortified would I be if I saw them today?

It's not often that I say something I think anyone needs to remember. In fact, most of the time I hope people just hear a muted trumpet sound when my mouth diarrhea starts acting up (which, for the record, is all the damn time). Mine was a chatty house growing up, and it instilled in me the fallacious belief that the things I think should be turned into audible words. The result, inevitably, is ridiculousness and sheepishness, as you well may know if you have spent any time with me at all.

But every now and again I say something that pleases me. Mostly because it's tricky to articulate our thoughts and/or beliefs in a perfectly true and understandable way, isn't it? Aren't we mostly wishy-washy about a lot of things? Maybe you aren't, but I certainly find myself fumbling and mumbling whenever I try to say whatever it is that I really think about something at a certain moment. So I've started writing some of these things down. And by writing, I mean violently striking them out via typewritermachine because what else am I going to do with my incredible typewritermachine?

This is just a start. I mean, I hope. It's possible likely that I'll never have another worthwhile thought again. It's also possible likely that I'll think something miraculous and then promptly forget it. But thinking and remembering useful and original things is a good goal for me, so I'm going to stick with it. At least until I forget.

What are your brilliant thought-nuggets?


Rob said...

my best though-nugget of late is wondering 'what the damn was sh***ing my bananas up'. Though, I don't think that was wise so much as cross-pollination-dyslexia.

Gretta said...
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Gretta said...

@rob i think it was actually, "what the bananas is..." .... oh, man! brain is too full of movie quotes to remember. i should have pounded it out on the typewritermachine.

Zen Mama said...

I love the irony that you are blogging about having precious little to say. Blogging is, by definition, "the stuff in my head is more important than the stuff in your head."

Friendly ribbing aside, I have to disagree with your premise that most of what you say is verbal diarrhea. I happen to really enjoy hearing (or reading as the case may be) what's going on between your ears. :)

(argh! stupid blogger won't hold hands with wordpress all week. This is Heather.)

Gretta said...

@Zen Mama It's not that I have little to say. It's that I have entirely too much to say, and so very little of *that* is useful. But then again, I feel like I'm in good company here in this blogiverse. ;)

Rachael said...

I just wish my blog was as full of witty turns o'phrase as yours is in every single sentence. I've taken the cop-out of posting five thousand pictures of my kids making weird faces/