Thursday, December 29, 2011

Can you help me love Bags?

This morning, one of my oldest most favorite friends called me from her home in Australia. She filled me in on a horrible tragedy that's crushed the life of one of our other dearest friends, Heather Bagley (or Bags to those who love her). I don't usually beg you to read my posts because they're so silly and trivial, but this one is different. Please keep reading, and if you don't mind, unlock your hearts. I'm asking for a post-Christmas miracle.

Heather's parents and their two dogbabies were driving home to Salt Lake on I-80 when they got into a terrible car accident. One of the dogs died at the scene, the other is nowhere to be found, and the humans are in critical condition at a hospital in Reno, NV. Heather's older sister is too pregnant to travel, and her younger brother spent the last 24 hours combing the freeway for their other puppy. Meanwhile, Heather has been keeping vigil at her parents bedsides, sleeping 2-4 hours a night at the hospital's Inn.

This is Heather. Isn't she lovely?

My dear friend Lindsay has set up a blog where you can gather more details about Heather's situation and donate a few dollars to help lighten the financial burden on the family. (Her parents owned a car wash in Sugarhouse, but since her stepdad was diagnosed with colon cancer, they haven't been able to keep the business afloat.) Click on this link visit the site and donate what you can. If you can't spare any cash, we're also asking for prayers and good thoughts.

Please link, re-post, tell your friends, spread the word. This family is in the direst of straits and those of us who love Bags are trying to drum up all the assistance we can.

Thank you for helping my friend.

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Hilary said...

This is just terrible.