Thursday, December 29, 2011

Help me love Bags update

Bags' puppy, Dooley, is still missing. If you know anyone that lives in Reno, please share this flyer with them! If you want a printable version, email me (grettawhalen at gmail dot com) and I'll send it to you.

Check for updates! And thank you to those who have donated. You are Earth angels!

Can you help me love Bags?

This morning, one of my oldest most favorite friends called me from her home in Australia. She filled me in on a horrible tragedy that's crushed the life of one of our other dearest friends, Heather Bagley (or Bags to those who love her). I don't usually beg you to read my posts because they're so silly and trivial, but this one is different. Please keep reading, and if you don't mind, unlock your hearts. I'm asking for a post-Christmas miracle.

Heather's parents and their two dogbabies were driving home to Salt Lake on I-80 when they got into a terrible car accident. One of the dogs died at the scene, the other is nowhere to be found, and the humans are in critical condition at a hospital in Reno, NV. Heather's older sister is too pregnant to travel, and her younger brother spent the last 24 hours combing the freeway for their other puppy. Meanwhile, Heather has been keeping vigil at her parents bedsides, sleeping 2-4 hours a night at the hospital's Inn.

This is Heather. Isn't she lovely?

My dear friend Lindsay has set up a blog where you can gather more details about Heather's situation and donate a few dollars to help lighten the financial burden on the family. (Her parents owned a car wash in Sugarhouse, but since her stepdad was diagnosed with colon cancer, they haven't been able to keep the business afloat.) Click on this link visit the site and donate what you can. If you can't spare any cash, we're also asking for prayers and good thoughts.

Please link, re-post, tell your friends, spread the word. This family is in the direst of straits and those of us who love Bags are trying to drum up all the assistance we can.

Thank you for helping my friend.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Who loves free music?

If the answer is not you, then I am sorry but you're a weirdo. But if you're normal and you're into free ear candy, you can download a song that Rob and I threw together a couple of days ago.

Now, you might be like, who would want that? And then I would be like, I know, dude, I'm with you. But in case you're interested or even morbidly fascinated, go to this link and download for your Christmas listening pleasure. It's got last year's songs up there, too. So...there's that.

Someday, we'll have a few more dollars in the jar on top of the fridge. That's when we'll give you dear people gifts that you'll actually want. Until then, we'll give you free downloads of our silly jam sessions. Thanks for being cool about it.

In the meantime, here's a meme my little sister generated for me.

Never mind the fact that we'll be there from the 26th through New Year's Day. That's at least one holiday by my watch, Millie.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas, like math, is hard.

Oh, hey! I didn't see you there. I was just walking by this dusty old blog and thought I'd just settle in for a  good old fashioned rambling. Care to join me? Honestly, what else could you possibly have to do this week?

Things are speeding up for the Whalens. You know when you steal your brother's longboard, and you start skating around like you know what you're doing, but you don't? And then you're going down a hill and it's fine at first but then holy crap you're really speeding up and how are you going to stop and maybe it's time to start thinking about tucking and rolling on that patch of grass up there? That's what Christmas feels like. The funny thing is that before I get on the longboard (now this is a metaphor...try to keep up) I picture myself skating down the hill with impressive pro-ness. It almost never happens like that. And by almost, I mean always. It always never happens like that.

That is Christmas for the Whalens, my friends. We are tucking and rolling. Please keep your expectations low.

Here's what I did manage to do instead of, like, buy my parents an anniversary present or clean the bathroom. (Also, I like this collage because it looks like boobs and/or a face with a mustache.)

That's three things. And Rob did one of them. But who cares?! Decorations are the best! (None of these ideas are original. Not one. What I'm saying is, you should resist the urge to feel impressed.)

Here's what I meant to do, but didn't:

  • Send clever Christmas cards featuring handsome and stylish pictures of me, Rob, and Fritz the dogbaby.
  • Handcraft something fancy for my lady friends.
  • The dishes.
  • Bake something trendy and fabulous for my neighbors and co-worshipers.
  • Sculpt tiny fruits and veggies out of marzipan.
  • Laundry.
  • Not grow out of all my jeans.
And so on. 

Hopefully I'm not the only one who gets totally steamrolled by this holiday. 

P.S. What are the chances that my future kids don't expect more from Christmas then styrofoam crafts, Dominos pizza, and watching Pee Wee's Christmas special (in 5 parts) on the youtube? Fingers are crossed.