Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fritz turns 1!

Yesterday, my dogbaby turned one. 

Would you care for some milestones? Of course you would.

He knows sit, stay, shake, up, off, soft, and kennel up. He does not know quiet, drop it, stop doing that awful thing you're doing, pee in the toilet, or  don't cry like a woman . When do most dogs learn those ones?

He loves dog food, my food, candy wrappers, toilet water, and dirty underwears.

He hates waiting, eye drops, thermometers in his bum, being patient, and watching people leave.

He had his first sleepover at Wagville in Glasell Park. They gave him a report card that looks like this:

We are so proud.

Happy birthday, dummy.


Jenn said...

"Happy Birthday, dummy". Friggin funny.

Jenn said...

"Happy Birthday, dummy". Friggin funny.