Thursday, October 13, 2011

I know what I want for my birthday.

I only want one thing and I just realized tonight what it is. I want a Puppy Party.

Don't tell me I can't have it. I saw it on Parks and Rec tonight, so I know it's a thing. Don't tell me it's not a thing.

Here's what I need: 10 puppies. 10 kittens. All varieties. No more than 8 weeks old. I'll take up to 10 weeks in a pinch, but it's best if they're tiny, obviously. I want them in boxes. One for the boys and one for the girls. Obviously. Actually, not boxes. Wooden crates with old timey printing on the side. Lined with cotton candy.


Or I could use some new shoes.


Jen said...

My thoughts exactly.

Cliff said...

you have officially lost your darn mind, sister!