Monday, March 21, 2011

Show & Tell: My First Commission!

My neurosis lends itself very well to this freaky, consistently neat hand-writing. So lately, I've been getting brave trying my hand (ha!) at this hand-lettering business. Mostly, I just do the signage for Yolk which is oh-so-fun and un-intimidating, but I've been meaning to branch out. Problem is, I keep getting in my own way vis a vis my insecurity and shyness. That's why it's so cool that my friend/singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Lily Wilson, asked me to do the hand lettering for her album cover. Check, check it.

You like? I'd like to do more of this kind of stuff, but I'm still in the process of building a portfolio of sorts. Or something. (Fun fact: I have no idea what I'm doing!)

In the meantimes, you should buy some of Lily's fabulous music here.


Hilary said...

You are so talented! This looks amazing!!! One day when I have a million dollars I am going to hire you to come interior design my house and then have you fill it with cool art things, typography and such. Btw--I really like the new blog look. Very cool. Very you. (I usually read you in my reader so if its been up for a while and Im sounding like a jackass then you know why. :))

Cliff said...

Those are beautiful, seester. Love you!