Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reality Bites.

Handsome Rob and I pretty much have the same taste in everything. We both crush on Jason Statham, high-cholesterol food, impromptu in-house dance parties, stuff like that. We're one of the only couples I know that has serious discussions about zombies, real vampires, and how we'd like to be in a biker gang. Actually, just Rob would be in the gang. I'd play the coveted role of his old lady. That way I don't have to implicate myself in the murders and drug runnings and such. It makes for a fun marriage, though. An unproductive marriage at times, but still fun.

Our one major disagreement has to do with this extramarital affair I'm having with trashy reality TV. I love it. Especially the really vile MTV/VH1 stuff. Teen Mom makes me emotional. So does Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Also, I'm ashamed to admit that I have a morbid fascination with Jersey Shore. (I dare you to watch one episode and not fall in love with JWOWW. I don't personally care for the Snooki.) My favorite, though, is the Supernanny. I'll have a baby if Nanny Jo moves in with us. Hell, I'll even take the futon and she and Rob can have the bed.

That sounds like a lot of TV. And it doesn't even include all the shows Rob and I watch together. Don't worry. I usually watch it while I'm doing P90X. I put Tony Horton on mute because he's insufferable. That way I can feel emotions other than irrational anger while doing my wacky jacks.

So now you know. Hi. My name is Gretta. And I'm a grown-ass woman who likes to watch teenagers, children, addicts, and offensive Italian-American stereotypes be belligerent and obnoxious. Help me exploit this shameful habit and turn it into something productive. I'm thinking...reality show reviews for public radio? I'll keep you posted.


Hilary said...

haha you arent the only one. Have you ever gotten into the Bachelor...omg. I totally think you should turn yourself into a reality steve of sorts and just do reality tv recaps. Then just live off the adsense. :) I totally got sucked into Celebrity Rehab this season. Im just wondering where I can go to watch Rachel Uchitel throw herself at more creepy addicts. When you find out let me know.

Dana said...

And this is why I have always loved you... oh how I miss that Parkinson humor. No one will ever understand me like you guys do :)

Geoff and Lindsay Hadley said...

Jason Statham is my KKK-razy crush too. Watch MTVs "Vice's Guide to Everything" and then you won't feel like such a loser for watching reality TV cause it is like... helping you learn stuff n stuff.(although I find myself getting into effin' American Idol these days) yea, go ahead judge me... that crap hooks your damn emotions.

p.s. i miss you xoxo