Monday, January 31, 2011

I'll take one case of the Mondays, please.

It is is now noon-and-a-half, and here I am under the covers.

I took a short break to grab the 'puter and eat a balanced breakfast of leftover rice crispy treats and Goofy fruit sours. It was a Disney weekend, you see. And I was the lucky girl who got to eat a corn dog AND watch Chadwick perform seemingly effortless body rolls in front of California Screamin' ON THE SAME DAY! Thus, I declare this weekend victorious.

But today, the thought of rolling out of my bed and reading the ramblings of Gothic literary critics is infinitely less appealing than staying in said bed and watching Hulu clips.

I'm sure the thought of me lying around, eating candy, and watching TV on the Internet is making my friends with kids puke up their healthy breakfasts. But just remember, friends with kids, Monday is the shopgirl's Saturday. Also, this particular shopgirl happens to be both a) lazy and b) procrastinating any number of looming tasks.

Some days I think a trade would be nice. The grass on the "Mom" side of the street appears lush and luminescent at times. But it only seems that way because I'm not the one watering it.

That's why I want to give a shout out to my friend Laura. She crossed over her own little person to take care of now.

Way to go, mom-ladies! Some day I'll join your little club. But right now I've got an episode of Supernanny and another handful of fruit sours to attend to. Duty calls!


Dana said...

Please never stop posting this stuff... I love telling my sisters about my day to day life and watching their looks of disgust because they take care of eleventy billion kids everyday and my life seems so "superficial" to them. suck it, sisters. You are the ones that chose to have children when you were fourteen. This is what normal adults do: work and watch their dvr'ed shows they missed while at work.
I can't wait for you to join the ranks of the baby makers... they will be evil geniuses. Someday I will join you too. Until then, I say bring on the Kardashians!

Team Huffaker said...

I love you Gretta!!!