Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gretta needs a haircut.

Help. It's getting long and I have no master plan. Long like twelve-years-old-long, or home-schooled-long, or old-but-I'm-still-trying-to-look-young-enough-to-shop-at-Forever21-long.

Here are the requirements:
-Low-maintenance. I talk a big game, but at the end of the day, I'm a lazy, lazy-ass. So basically, if it involves a hair-dryer, I'm out.
-Not too short. Too short = more frequent haircuts = I run out of money faster.
-Gotta look good. One time I got a haircut that looked great on Sarah Michelle Gellar. On me, I'd call it the "Peppermint Patty."
-Bangs. These I can take or leave, but you should know, they're covering a very prominent forehead vein. Please keep this in mind when you submit your request.

Rob has been absolutely no help. Having not witnessed the "Peppermint Patty", he's under the mistaken impression that I can pull off any look.

This is what I'm working with. Note the look of quiet desperation. I'm thisclose to shaving it off and getting wigs from one of those beauty supply stores near Wilshire and La Brea. I think they're wigs made just for black ladies, but I'll make them work.


Amelia said...

i think alexa chung's hair is adorable. it would be a million times more adorable on you. that's what i think.

Hilary said...

I like the long hair. But this is coming from someone who's hair has never been longer because of reason #3. Split the difference bet what u have now and peppermint Patty. ( I liked the peppermint Patty too). U pretty much look good rocking whatever. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Gretta, I've never seen you in a haircut that didn't look adorable. What about wearing it up? But anything you do will be cute. I'm so with on making it easy though. Easy gets my vote.

Love you--Mom

Geoff and Lindsay Hadley said...

I agree with mom on this one... you are effin adorable no matter how you come.