Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guess what? I am not a racist.

Sometimes when I'm not setting Whirly Word records on my iPhone (three hours...jealous?) or seeing how many Fruit by the Foot inches I can cram in my mouth while watching Toddlers in Tiaras, I like to see what the city is like outside of my 550 square foot cave. The outside world can be a frightening place for people like me, what with all the skin-scorching sun and heart-rate elevating activity. But even those risks (coupled with the very real chance that I might clumsily trip and plunge, nostrils first, into a pile of fresh Pomeranian poo) don't scare me more than the idea of spending a day inside the house with myself.

Yesterday, I got lucky. Rob and I BOTH had the day off. This is only the second time this has happened since 2009. It's a rare event, like a solar eclipse or a day when I wear mascara. We had to take advantage of it. This time, instead of sleeping in until two and then spending the rest of the day watching clips on Hulu, we rode our bikes along the L.A. river and went to see Toy Story 3, a set of activities which, at least in hindsight, seems almost unforgivably Mormon. I guess the shoe does fit.

After the movie we went on a walk around the reservoir. (I realize engaging in this much activity in one day makes us seem like the type of people who own pedometers. Don't worry, we don't. We don't even own enough exercise apparel to work out more than a few days before having to do the laundry.) The path was pretty crowded last night, something that, like fresh air and sunshine, I'm not usually in to. But it got interesting when I started noticing the same guy running back and forth on the same stretch several times. I couldn't figure out if he was just retreading the same 50 yards or lapping the lake like the Flash. At one point I turned to Rob and said, "Is this guy just going back and forth?", but just as the words were coming out of my mouth and the runner was within a few feet of us, I realized...it was a different guy! There was not one super-fast black guy in a white headband, but two super-fast black guys with white headbands. I promise I'm not one of those white people who thinks all minorities look the same. These guys really looked and dressed eerily similar. I was tricked. But that didn't stop Rob from saying as one of them passed us again on the other side of the lake, "Look, Gretta! Is that another one?"



Candy and Mike said...

Gretta.... you never fail me. Loved the blog. I'd call this round of laughter, the pop laugh. Not expecting to laugh but it just came.

Hope all is well dear.


Ang said...

ha ha ha ha ha! I love your stories.

Hilary said...

Bahahaha!!! More please!

Hilary said...

Bahahaha!!! More please!

Cliff said...