Thursday, March 11, 2010

My life is boring and I have nothing to brag about.

I only have things to complain about. Which I do almost constantly. It's part of my charm. Rob was the lucky winner of my soundboard competition due to his eternal patience and incomprehensible adoration of me. Even I have to admit that my psychotic breaks can be pretty endearing. I had roughly 17 of them last week. I can't remember what they were about, just that they were carefully thought-out, reasonable, and well-communicated. (Everyone knows that weeping and sniffling through your elliptical argument can only add to its credibility.)

They don't cancel classes due to PMDD, so I still had to go learn about literary theory last week. On my way to the car after class, I checked my e-mail on the phone. There was this one from Rob:

It reminded me that even while the earth and heavens conspire to twist my undies up in bunches, my face has not been shredded to ribbons by a chainsaw bear. And isn't that all that really matters?


Laura said...

Now THAT is a good point. That Rob, always so timely with the perspective thing.


Rodney said...

If this post doesn't embody the Gretta we know and love ... and blog follow (ask Hil: I am a Nazi about whom I have enough respect to follow) -- self-deprecating to a fault, sarcastic, brilliant -- no piece of prose ever will.

Gina Louise said...

I love you, panties in a bunch or not. And sounds like you've got one special guy. :)

Vickie Blanchard said...

Funny cartoon. PMDD rots.