Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kitten Mittons!! (sic)

Rob's first reaction to "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" was lukewarm. It took me a while to get him on board. Fast forward to us watching this clip five times back to back before going to bed last night. And me watching it two more times while writing this post.

It's the perfect clip because it has something for everyone: cats doing funny things for my mom and grandma, and pants-crapping hilarity for everyone else.

If Hulu weren't retarded, you'd be able to see the awesome, awesome face Danny DeVito is making.


becca said...

charlie is totally my favorite. cats are not.

Gina Louise said...

gretta!!!! i need to visit blogs again. this post was great. :) love the use of sic just in case we thought you were dumb and didn't know how to spell mittens. so proper you are. ;)

brighton quinn said...

i love charlie. whatever you do, though- do not watch the christmas special with your entire family. it will ruin christmas for you.