Thursday, November 19, 2009

Help Make Mikey a Millionaire

I know I do this sometimes and the four or five people who read this silly blog may find it pathetic and or tedious, but I don't even care. I'm going to do it again. This is for you, Mikey!

Remember our buddy who did this wicked stupendous video for the Weepies? He's cool. And he's done a spec Superbowl commercial for Doritos and if you all watch it enough, he could win a butt-load of cash. The commercial features the brilliant, blinding talents of Dave, Keith and—last, but most beautiful—Briggleston Von Phelpsinstrat. Also, enjoy the sound expertise of Robbimus Prime and the unparalleled Dorito-scattering abilities of yours truly.

All you've got to do is go here and watch it. Just to make sure you're watching the right one, it's called "Hand" and it's by Boxpilot. You should see a handful of mormons and one very cool animated Dorito-hand. I know, I know. The website is downright intolerable, but they count the views, so you've got to go there and do it. If you don't mind.

Imagine yourself watching this commercial during the Superbowl and whilst patting yourself on the back and saying "I helped make this possible." Also, do it for Keith. He had to eat like four bags of Nacho Cheesiers that night.


boxpilot said...

woo hoo! we're above 800 views this afternoon (from 750ish), and i believe it's all thanks to your expert dorito scattering abilities!

oh, and wonderfully tireless PR.


Carrie said...

Thanks for the heads up!!! Of course I'll watch it multiple times a day so I can help make Mikey a millionaire!

brighton quinn said...

oh gretta. no you di'int post a link to my not so secret imdb page. its a good thing i like you so much or i might be peeved. you're a peach. let's make a million bucks!!! woot!