Monday, August 24, 2009

We're back! And we found all our mail!

You may be under the impression that Rob and I are super-mature, extra-responsible grown-up types. And that's fine. You're sort of right. After all, we've managed to be married for more than a year now without spending any time in jail or getting our utilities shut off, which is an accomplishment in and of itself. But we did leave home for 10 days without making any arrangements for our mail, which, I suppose, is also impressive only in a different way. We realized this while on the home stretch, of course, which in this case was on Highway 1 somewhere between San Francisco and Monterey. When we finally got to Silver Lake the next day, we were stoked to find that some brilliant, blinding light from heaven saved all our mail for us in a super safe place. See? Eastsiders are the best!

Now you may be wondering, "where were these ultra-dependable adult-like people for ten days while all they're government issued mail and time sensitive bills piled up in the mailbox?" I'll tell you. We were on a Cow Town tour of the Western U.S., that's where! Sure, we made stops in such bustling metropolises as Provo, Salt Lake City, and Reno. But mostly, we were hitting up places like Heber Valley, UT; Winnemucca, NV; Red Bluff, CA and the California Mission of San Simeon.

  • Driving all night to make it BYU for my brother George's commencement. Go Cougs! (I didn't walk at my own commencement. In fact, I had to check with my dad during the ceremony to make sure I actually did graduate from college. Turns out I did, so we're all good on that front.)
  • Hitting up the Costco for a million flowers to arrange for my brother Cliff's wedding dinner at the Beesley's house. No pictures, of course, because I lack foresight.
  • Singing a Kings of Leon cover at the wedding dinner.
  • Watching Cliff get married!! To a girl!! Then cleaning up after the reception with the skill and dexterity of a blind, drunken toddler! (I fell with scissors in my pocket!)
  • Skipping church to brunch with the family and visit with good, good friends.
  • Sleeping through Elko and waking up for lunch at the (only) pizza place in Winnemucca.
  • Taking a couple days to chill in Reno with the supercool Kienes.
  • Three days at Gramma Whalen's house in Red Bluff, eating nothing but pizza, and thus, thoroughly infuriating my intestines.
  • San Francisco, the Pacific Coast, and Hearst Castle with my pal, husband.
  • Coming home to my own bed, which kicks the asses of the beds at the Days Inn in San Simeon.

Chatting it up at Cliffy's reception while looking (although not actually being) a little bit pregnant.

Trying to be cute with my bro , but only succeeding in photographically documenting my creepy eye.

Found this doozy in the Red Bluff Cemetery. I think it's an Asian name...

At the Coit Tower in SF. What's wrong with my bangs? How should I know? What do you think I am, a surgeon?


Hilary said...

1. You don't look pregnant! You are crazy for thinking that!
2. How's the sis-in-law? I am dying to know.
3. Hearst Castle...psh! Why not stop in Modesto???!!!! SHeeesh...its so awesome here.

Megan said...

Seriously? You we less than an hour away from me, and you didn't call. I think I might cry.

Anonymous said...

i hope you know the history of the coit tower. i surely do. i love wieners you know..

Gretta said...

MEG!! I know! I'm the worst friend ever. But our families are so needy. We are seriously considering taking a Lake Tahoe snowboarding trip. And even if you don't want to hang out with us, I don't care. We're gonna be all up on you like ugly on an ape.

Laurel said...

Hi guys! LOVE the head stone...made me laugh outloud. Glad to hear that you had a fun trip this summer and that things are going well for ya!

Amelia said...

Mom would like you to know that, "It's unfair how much Millie and I love you." I agree, but I have no idea how on earth that makes sense.
...But I love you.