Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Girl's Camp

I made it. I actually made it last Saturday, but this is the first time I felt like thinking about it since it happened. Just kidding, gosh! It wasn't that bad. It was actually a delightful time in a delightful place where I pulled out slivers and ate cold waffle sticks and made a bunch of wacky, small world-type connections.

Twelve and 13 year old girls are crazy. They're small, yes, but they have astounding lung capacity. They can scream in long or short bursts. They can hold conversations with each other while talking both incessantly and simultaneously. It's impressive. But they also have the remarkable ability to become best friends instantly. Don't worry, there are still cliques. Things still haven't changed too much since we were in middle school. But by the end of the week, almost every single clique had dissolved, and all the girls were hugging and weeping/giggling in each other's arms. (If you've been to girl's camp, you know what I'm talking about with the weeping/giggling. It happens.)

All the girls mentioned at some point that they didn't really want to come to camp. They thought they wouldn't make any friends or they didn't know what to expect. Well, I promise none of the didn't want to go more than I did. I went to girl's camp once with my ward, but there were no certifications, or hikes or anything. There was nail polish, though, and there definitely were maxi pad pranks.

I was afraid to drive up there by myself because I'm a baby. But the drive to Santa Barbara is beautiful, which made things a little easier. Also, I didn't wreck, so that was a bonus.

Here are some of my cute girls during synchronized swimming. Yeah, I never did that at camp.


Hilary said... in santa barbara...that was probably a little different than the 4 days in tents in the middle of the uintah even had a cool swimming pool...glad you made it back alive. It makes me miss my reseda yw.

Carrie said...

Hahaha! I can't believe you went to girls camp! I wish I could have been there to see that. I'm glad you had fun and made it back alive!

Miss you!