Friday, May 15, 2009

hiiiiiiiiiiiiii YAH!!

so, apparently the three of you who read this blog don't take too kindly to serious posturing, as the previous post has so blatantly proven. and then it took almost a month for me to see anything post-worthy that wasn't comPLETEly inappropriate. and i mean COMPLETELY inappropriate. (hey man, click at your own risk. but i warned you)

but then, fresh air arrived. i'm talking down-by-the-jersey-shore fresh. i give you... the very definition of high art:

i can't tell you how grateful i am that my family was too poor to own a videocamera when i was a kid. i guarantee you i did this very thing. in my front yard.
those were the days.


Jason Graham said...

Dude. He's so gracefully, awkwardly confident. Love it. I wish I were half as cool... and had half a jean jacket.

becca said...

so my man had me guessing at the beginning- his arms were totally "i'm going to kill you" martial arts, but the bottom half couldn't decide... it was a little more ballet. work on the kicks and jumps.
most impressive move: for sure the push ups- in a back bend? on your fingertips? nice
props for taking the time to button up the jean jacket before attempting the back bend. it totally added that extra something.
hard core. well done.

Brit Warner said...

hahahah! Those are killer moves. My brother and sister and I used to have olympic gymnastic competitions in our front yard. I wish I could say I was in elementary, but I was in high school.