Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This time it's personal...

Ok, guys. This is super serious. Rob is a finalist in a competition at Melrose Mac where he could win somewhere in the neighborhood of $10K in gear. He submitted one of his songs and was chosen with nine other folks as potential winners.

Go to here, click on "the vote page" link and vote for
#7-So Close. Do it! I mean... do it please! Even if you don't even know us but you just look at our blog sometimes to see how ridiculous we are, or if you check in on us but we haven't spoken for years, or if you check us out because you used to date us and you want to see if we got fat or bald (update: we did!). We will love you forever. Like fat kids love cake.

The contest ends on April 9th, but try to be cool and vote right away. It just takes a second.

Be prepared for an increased measure of love from us as we will assume you voted and passed this along to every single person you know. :)

Bossa Nova! Chevy Nova?


Traxler's said...

Hey Rob - I voted BUT I tried to get all of my co-workers to vote and you know how many computers there are here at BRG (100+) but it will not let me or anyone here back in since I already voted. It must have something to do with the IP address. You should call and see if they can fix that since they already collect email address they can check for dups that way. I could gets you a bunch more votes if they would allow multiple votes from the same IP address.

6r08 said...

hah!! you rock. i noticed that, too on my computer. but, it let me do it a couple of days later. so...
i think they did it to negate any cheating by bot, or whatever. laaaaaame