Wednesday, January 28, 2009


this is the best article i've come across in a long, long time
. i've been saying this for years. your favorite band of all time sucks.
¡SUCKS! ...and i'm perfectly aware that it applies to my favorite band, too.

here's the thing: every great band has at least one horrible album, and 95% of the bands out there never even have one, single good record. it's usually just a couple of good to great to maybe incredible songs, and the rest of the record is pretty much the same song with different words. seriously. be honest with yourself.

jack johnson's made six albums by coming up with one song. one. horrible. song.
punk? a whole movement made up of the same 3-4 chords, prodded along by the same chugging, polka rhythm.
indie rock? come on. whiney hipsters channeling the beatles, or fleetwood mac, or bob dylan, or whatevertheflavoroftheweekmightbe... only, never as well as the originals.

so do me a favor. love the music you love, but don't try to convince me that your favorite band/artist is the greatest thing ever.
this guy is.


Amelia said...

Speaking of music, I played my friends the recording of Silent Love last night. Needless to say, Gretta, they think you have the prettiest voice ever. They think Rob is cool too.

Anonymous said...

dont even mess around. HWM never made a bad album, before or after my mission, since all time is measured in those guys are very sad.

6r08 said...

what? hardcore doesn't count as music. OHHhhhhhh!!
and for your information, mr. mean pants, we're plenty happy. -ish