Wednesday, January 7, 2009

cockroaches, twinkies and ... adult entertainment?

so no one knows whether we're in, or headed for, the second great depression, but we're facing a financial crisis that borders on a nuclear winter, of sorts. and what can survive nuclear fallout? cockroaches. and twinkies. and i kinda figured the oldest profession/pictures of the oldest profession would too. but apparently i was wrong. check out this
CNN article about a "porn bailout".

now the really funny thing about it all is that i was AT the beverly wilshire the night that Flynt Publishing had their holiday orgy party.
the beverly wilshire. on rodeo drive. hookers and trashy pimps swerving their milion-dollar goodies all over the place. i took a chemical shower when i got home. i STILL have a rash. anyway... what i'm getting at is that i'm pretty sure Larry Flynt's disease-and-wheelchair-ridden ass doesn't deserve a bailout to continue peddling something that's free-- if you just try and slide your self-image back down to where it actually should be and marry that person who's willing to settle for your sorry carcass.


jimbo said...

agreed, my good man. and i would like to see a photo of larry IN the cockroach suit next time, if you could ask him to swing that when you see him.

Rachel Smart said...

Ooo! I saw that article on Google News and I couldn't believe it! What a maroon!

Amelia said...

I didn't really notice the pimps and hookers that night; I was too busy obsessing over Joel Friggin McHale!