Friday, November 7, 2008

i don't know how to type the sound Homer makes when he's confronted with a donut... but if i did, i would type it here

i don't claim to eat healthy. but even THIS exceeds the delicious, heart-stopping goodness of my extra-cream-and-butter-and-little-bits-of-sausage mashed potatoes. in fact, i'm fairly disappointed that i didn't come up with it.

i present to you the double grilled cheese sammiches, stuffed with a hamburger in between. a.k.a. heavenly goodness.

the only thing that could make this better is if you added some bacon. or pastrami. or.... i have an idea!!

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Amy said...

A) that looks good. Anything looks good while nursing. B) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know I am a few days late. And, on the 5th I really meant to call/email you, but I am a bum of a friend. I love you tons and your blog makes me laugh and I hope things are going great for you. I love you!