Tuesday, October 28, 2008

um... you had BETTER be making a brown, soupy mess in whatever-you-wear-under-there

i love movies.

do you know WHY i love movies? 'cause i can live a whole life, vicariously, in the space of 2 hrs (give or take) and learn lessons, love, lose, etc., and then come back to the real world where things are relatively safe (and usually more boring). i even love ridiculous movies because it's great to suspend belief and watch good conquer evil. but today i learned that we are doomed.

yeah. that's right! cyber-f***ing-DYNE. the same corporation that will cause THIS because of THESE THINGS. this isn't playtime anymore! this is a real corporation making real f***ing robots! so maybe james cameron didn't get the time-table right, but it looks like the japanese could be the brilliant minds who actually make robots that are smarter than us and eventually come to fear humanity's arrogance, neurosis and instincts of self-preservation.

i guess it could be considered payback.


jimbo said...

i just straight up pooped my pants.
i knew this day would come, but the japanese. not from them. not from them.

6r08 said...

i KNEW i could count on you to realize the gravity of the situation, jammees!
i'm stock-piling my arsenal in the Nevada desert now.
join me. viva la résistance! viva l'humanité!