Friday, October 3, 2008

Nukular Help from William Safire

For Marge, Homer and Gov. Sarah Palin

The way to straighten out your mental dictionary, if you have this ''nukular'' problem, is to train your brain to think of the word not as three syllables but as two words: new and clear. Or you can wait until they bring back atomic.

And in case you don't remember:

Marge: Next to Spring and Winter, Fall is my absolute favorite season. Just look at all this beautiful foilage.
Lisa: It's not "foilage," mom, it's "foliage." Foo-liage.
Marge: That's what I said, foilage. It doesn't take a nucular scientist to pronounce foilage.
Lisa: [growls]

and, my personal favorite:

Capt. Tenille: Simpson, as you have experience in a nuclear power plant, you can serve on a submarine.
Homer: It's pronounced 'nucular'. Nucular.

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