Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I only like facts when they're straight.

First of all, I have to apologize for getting all learn-ish and read-ful up in here (those are code words for 'boring'). As I've said before, this blog is for ridiculousness and should, therefore, not be taken seriously under any circumstances. But I found this here document on the interweb and found it interesting and helpful. Also, boring.

If you're a California voter—or if you live in Utah but try to act like you live in know who you are—go ahead and read this. Warning: it's about Prop 8. Regardless of how we feel about the subject, knowing some of these info mcnuggets will help us sound not so much like A-holes when we talk about it. I've been told it's good to be informed. I've also been told it's good to have mind-boggling amounts of gold locked away in a concrete money bin, but you can't have everything, so maybe you should just not be so selfish. Seriously.

Update: The link should work now. Sorry about that, Katiebug. ;)


Brandon and Katie said...

The link doesn't work. But I want it to, so could you email it to me?

Riot said...

Hey, a tidbit about your boy who wrote this good response to the nonsensical pro-prop 8 arguments: In addition to having worked at Latham and Watkins where our man Bryant works, and graduating from Harvard Law, he teaches a classes at BYU with Gordon Madsen and Jack Welch (my new academic employer).

jimbo said...

this article is interesting... Mr. Morris T. treats each point on a very literal level, and ignores what actual practical implications the proposition may create. He is right in discrediting the legal basis of the points provided, however. It's always annoying when mormons go around spouting off fear tactics with no foundation.

i'm going to show the article to my dad, an avid republican and proposition 8 supporter, and see what he thinks about this dude's logic. i'll get back to you.

jimbo said...

OK, for anyone who is still interested... i suppose you californians are getting bombarded with proposition business everyday, so you are either very interested in my dad's response to Thurston's article, or sick, tired, and not interested at all. either way, here it is:

my dad, also a lawyer, is all up into politics, and wrote this response, confirming my suspicions about Thurston's original points in a much more intelligent, cohesive way. i figure if we are going to be informed, then a fair chance for the 'yes' side is in order.

anyhow, whoever is still reading this, take a gander, comment if you have thoughts.

Bags said...

Gretta, I LOVE you! And I love this dude's response. The guy who wrote that kicks ass. I only WISH my vote would count in california still. This is not a current topic in Colorado (the state I am still voting in). Thanks for laying some of the (acurate) facts out.