Sunday, September 28, 2008

elite media jerks!! [updated link]

i couldn't believe how mean that Katie Couric was being to Village Council Chairwoman Sarah Palin. i was all, like, "back off her, harpy!" i mean, seriously! lay off!! she doesn't have to answer to you. who do you think you are?! that Sarah's an independent woman!

...but then at the end i figured out it was all a ruse, and that everything's okay.

God, bless America. ...but if we're stupid enough to elect this ticket into the executive branch, just go ahead and let Russia, China, S. Korea, Iran and Venezuela nuke us to oblivion, 'cause we're too stupid to deserve it anymore.

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TJ said...

You know it's bad when all SNL has to do is use the transcript of the interview to make fun of you.