Thursday, August 7, 2008

Seriously so ... something.

Quick disclaimer: I love my friends and their blogs and their babies.

Came across this
site today. I can't decide if I hate it because it wasn't my idea and I'm jealous or if I hate it because the spot-on-ness conjures in my mind a whole grip of things that annoy me.

And, yes. Happily ever after looks like stick figures.

I would argue that this blog doesn't qualify as satire because it's too painfully similar to what it satirizes. I don't like being reminded of things I wish didn't exist, namely, the people who went to college with me. (J/K, guys! Go Cougs!)

I do, however, I appreciate that there's someone else out there that thinks it's funny to hear people say words like "rilly" and "meer" (really and mirror, respectively...I think).

And it didn't take me too long to realize that the regular readers of this site are very often the ones being lampooned. Either the irony is completely lost on them, or they're just "rilly" good sports.

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Gina said...

that's funny. that blog is a crack up. i'm seriously so blessed to have you as a friend so I was able to see that.