Monday, August 11, 2008 vs. Orson Scott Card

There are two types of writers I like: those who write good stuff, and those who write good stuff that is also funny. Sometimes the funny stuff isn't really that good, per se, but the level of hilarious-ness usually makes up for any lack of skill. In my mind anyway.

That's why it breaks my heart to see Michael Swaim (Cracked blogger and all-around funny dude) take on Orson Scott Card (best selling novelist and award-winning writer). Swaim took issue with this op-ed by Card on (how he stumbled upon that website remains a mystery to me) and subsequently published this rant, thereby informing the fan-boys and man-boys (and me) who make up the Cracked audience that The Mormon guy who wrote all those books about the innocence of a child winning out over war and hatred wants us to raise arms against any queers who feel like expressing their love legally. Which, as you probably guessed, is not exactly what Card said. But it's close.

Now I'm not going to express my opinion on the subject. That's not what this blog is for. This blog is for discussing things like the dangers of falling victim to one of Beijing's sleeping dragons (how can American Athletes win gold medals if they've been eaten or burned alive?) and such. Or perhaps I'm not going to say how I feel about gay marriage because I'm trying to avoid the judgment that might befall me from either side. Who knows? I don't. You be the judge. No...wait...actually, please don't be the judge.

Sorry about that confusion.

I've learned some things today: First, my people are even less popular than I thought. And second, my vote carries infinitely more weight in my mind than it does anywhere else. Which means I'm going to keep it there until election day when I've—hopefully—figured it out.


becca said...

does it surprise you that Mr. Card and his wife taught the all-important/controversial/akward sunday school lesson about homosexuality in our ward. funny thing is i don't remember the part about taking down the government and tearing the constitution to shreds. hmmm...

Grob said...

Yeah. He sure did take a right turn on crazy street, didn't he?