Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Catching them early.

Those nutty Evangelicals. They start giving kids giant doses of crazy right out of the womb. Makes rapping about Jesus and exorcising demons look positively mainstream. Oh yeah. That's right...I guess it kind of is.

We went to Oceanside last weekend and saw a whole plebian populace of them in an amphitheater by the beach. They were all super pale (not like me, though...not pale in an attractive way) and they wore visors, American flag t-shirts and sweat shorts. Also, they walked super slowly, like one-legged arthritics, and they did it in front of me while I was riding my beach cruiser. I blame them, and not my clumsiness, for those nasty spills.

And when they're not speaking in tongues or telling me I'm going to hell, they're making creepy cartoons about why every other religion will usher you down the wide and crooked road to his satanic majesty, Lucifer H. Beelzebub, Esq.

At least we know that there really never were such things as dinosaurs. Right guys?

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Hilary said...

See Gretta, its comments like these that make me love you so...xo
Watch jesus camp--it will make you shake in your shorts.