Friday, July 25, 2008

Getting down to business.

There are some issues we have to address:

1. Should the Nolans bring the Joker back for another movie?

Here's the thing ... they've retired jerseys for way less impressive performances than Heath Ledger's in The Dark Knight
On the other hand, he is THE Batman villain, right? Like the Joker said, "I think we'll be doing this dance for the rest of our lives," or something like that. You can't just pretend the Joker doesn't exist. Especially after all that crappy stuff he just did with the killing and the blowing things up. You know?
But no one can do the Joker as well as Ledger. Everyone knows that. I've heard tell that Jospeh Gordon-Leavitt might be a good replacement...?

2. Does Batman need to tone it down a bit?

I heard some turd say something about Christian Bale's Batman voice being ridiculous. Well, you know what? THAT GUY'S voice is ridiculous. Batman's got to protect his secret identity! Bruce Wayne is a high-profile figure! People know what his voice sounds like! He HAS to alter his voice. Come ON people. Jeez.

That guy probably likes Superman. If Metropolis hasn't figured out who he is yet, then he should just let them be destroyed. He just has those glasses. They're idiots. They don't deserve to have time turned back for them or whatever.

Plus, as someone recently pointed out to me, Batman wears a bat costume. Not exactly subtle. So, no. He doesn't need to tone it down. Good for you, Batman. You go.

3. Did Rachel Dawes die too soon?

No. No she did not.

4. Does anyone even care about Rachel Dawes?

No. they don't.

5. Does Maggie Gyllenhaal look like a sad cartoon turtle?

Yes. She 

6. Was there any single thing wrong with The Dark Knight?

Just one. Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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Anonymous said...

no one even cares about this rachel dawes chick, she can eat it. oh, i guess she did...