Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Statement of Purpose

This isn't for you, OK? Yeah, that's right. You with the disposable free time and dangerous curiosity. It seems you might be in for a disappointment, long-lost middle school frenemies or would-be stalkers. This blog contains no wedding slideshows, no baby countdowns and no pictures of us getting fatter. Hopefully. Why? Because you can go to another site to see our wedding photos, and because we're not having a baby until they come wrapped in hundred dollar bills. Also, we don't want you to see the weight we've gained. It's shameful. 

This blog is for funny things and weird stuff so we can all be amused and horrified by the same random crap. Also, there may be an occasional Grob update. We're not sure. But there will definitely not be any "Things I'm Thankful for on a Tuesday" posts. Because those things are private, that's why. You don't need to know why we're grateful for baby wipes and Cort-aid. And stop trying to figure it out because it's not why you think it is.

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